Monthly Archives: July 2007

Hot Girls in Love

This is the sleeve for what, in my opinion, is the second-best single from possibly the best band from Calgary, Alberta. This song has one of my favorite lyrics:

She likes her tapes on 10
And it’s the same as her anatomy
She’s on a rainbow cruise
All the way to my room

How awesome is that.

Great design on the sleeve, especially in how Reno’s arm is draped across the text box — really creates some depth.

From left to right, this is how I read these expressions:

Matt Frenette (drummer): “Man, this sucks. I don’t even get a leather jacket; I just get this crappy Chams shirt from Chess King.”

Scott Smith (bassist, now deceased — according to Wikipedia, he is thought to have been “eaten by sharks”): “Phew, Mike Reno’s pits smell like a cross between a downtown Vancouver dumpster and ass. My hair destroys his, too. It should be my ass on the cover of Get Lucky.”

Mike Reno (vocalist): “I’m way too talented for this. The teenybopper crap we’re doing, it’s gutless. Foreigner, they know the time: ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You’ should be us. Man, I got to start doing some duets — maybe with Deniese Williams or Jennifer Warnes.”

Doug Johnson (keyboards): “I’m hoping if I squint I won’t look so Canadian.”

Paul Dean (guitarist, producer): “Fuck. It’s too late now to replace these clowns. And all the pussy has gone to fuckin’ Reno’s head. Actually he’s been a dick since he ruined Moxy.”