found on sticky note

“frightening” growth of commodities that capitalism engenders — recurrent problem for subjects within capitalism — Marx’s opening paragraph.

Can’t tell why I wrote this, but it fits with my general concern with “overload” and capitalist subjectivity. Have been preoccupied lately with this idea of the instability of capitalist subjectivity, the many ways in which the contradictions inherent in a particular moment in time in socioeconomic history reveal themselves in problems for the subject, who internalizes them, holds himself responsible, works to solve them psychologically. Under neoliberalism and an expanding regime of immaterial labor, we have this sense of profusion and exhaustion, of the “fun morality” and freedom as a kind of drowning in culture.

Not sure what work of Marx’s I was referring to — probably Capital Vol. 1.

Think the solution for subjectivity being offered now comes through social media and its filtering mechanisms and its ability to make our lives coherent on the rationalistic principles of branding and self-promotion. At least its an ethos, in the face of the lived experience of entropic anomie. .


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