data self ideas

  1. “What we share about ourselves tells heaps about other people”… self only has meaning in relation to others
  2. “tastes & interests of people who don’t yet exist w/in systems can be easily predicted based on the patterns of others”…
  3. the machines then work as ISAs and interpellate subjectivity along the lines they have predicted…
  4. machines predict who we are, we recognize imperfect reflection yet still answer the call, willing to assume the implied identity as our own
  5. think that self posited by the data is “postauthentic,” something embraced as normative but not coercive, if that makes any sense
  6. we want to outsource formation of our “authentic identity” to the machines that report it to us with certitude; resolve existential problems
  7. @marginalutility authenticity measured by correspondence theory of truth, data profile self measured by different acct of truth?
  8. @marginalutility truth as successfully executed process, or profile used as index of whether you & the system are working properly…?
  9. @doctaj profile as index of whether you and system are meshing, and means to it. thinking the “data self” is concrete aspirational self

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