Selection of my tweets from 2008

Sat Sep 6

8:00pm Polishing book review of Stephen Baker’s The Numerati. Think I am in bad faith with this Twitter thing. Not interested in being frank.

Sun Sep 7

8:00pm If one has less stuff, does one’s identity feel more stable? The more we own, the more we struggle to curate our collections into coherence.

8:00pm How to resist novelty? Why thrift-store shopping fails: the stores are magic boxes that replenish depleted novelty, not evade it.

Wed Sep 10

8:00pm Middle class, straight, married, children: social benefits flow to you, as it’s assumed you’ve consented to reproduce society as it is.

Wed Oct 1

8:00pm Privacy can be achieved by multiplying public selves. Leaving breadcrumbs here to throw people on to the wrong trail.

Wed Oct 15

8:00pm Kenneth Arrow on the crisis: “the genuine social value” of new risk-spreading techniques is negated by our inability to understand them.


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