Selection of my tweets from 2010

Thu Jul 15

8:00pm T. Eagleton: “It is just when an artist is becoming debased to a petty commodity producer that he will lay claim to transcendent genius”

Thu Aug 5

8:00pm more authentic slowness. typewriting: “With mistakes and everything, it feels like it’s really you.” Hmm.

Tue Sep 7

8:00pm Recognition is matter of feeling needed. Social networks always need our content, can make it seem reciprocal, from a human, not a network

Mon Sep 20

8:00pm Can intensive and enthusiastic adoption of a medium ever prevent it from becoming a means of control rather than facilitate that outcome?

Fri Sep 24

8:00pm F Jameson: “the very function of the news media is to relegate recent historical experiences as rapidly as possible into the past”

Wed Sep 29

8:00pm Adorno on effects of mass culture: “Pleasure hardens into boredom because, if it is to remain pleasure, it must not demand any effort”

Sun Oct 17

8:00pm neoliberalism’s demand for flexibility and precarity translates into permanent adolescence and committment to “emerging adulthood”

8:00pm emerging adulthood = adulthood + permanent insecurity. Boon to consumerism, which sells snake oil for that sense of identity slipping away

Wed Oct 20

8:00pm internet makes power-law distribs: does same to identity? so that we need to say million things about ourselves so the top few are believed?

Tue Nov 9

3:19pm Well put “Algorithms are normativity made into code—albeit a code that we barely understand, even as it shapes our lives”

Thu Nov 18

4:34pm worst possible band name? fudge spigot

Mon Nov 22

12:40am I stand by this old column of mine: “Facebook threatens to ruin voyeurism altogether by institutionalizing it”

Fri Nov 26

7:49pm “Gambling is as good a place as any to turn when you’ve lost faith in the idea that your society rewards merit”

Fri Dec 10

4:30pm RT @interfluidity: false positivism has done far more damage to the world than post-modernism.


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