As I approach 10,000 Tweets, I want to start trying to use Twitter’s metrics against the grain; I want to never reach 10,000 Tweets. The total-tweets count will be my guide and my prod to remember to delete tweets as I go. Ideally I would like to push that number down steadily until it’s as close to zero as possible, republishing the Tweets worth saving in another format — as I have been doing with screen shots of them on this Tumblr. (I don’t know how to embed Tweets on Tumblr or WordPress.)

Old Tweets seem useless on Twitter, or rather, useful only to entities I would rather not be available to, like data miners and “data scientists” and marketers and so on. So I want to make sure I make a practice of harvesting my own Twitter feed for essays, mini-essays, etc., making some effort to synthesize them into something more lastingly and coherently accessible to who I’d like to be reading them, even if that is just myself.

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