It’s stated as if it were a commonsense fact that people decide to “turn to social media as a source of inspiration and comfort,” but that strikes me as the last thing a person would do intentionally. 

It is not the quest for “inspiration” or “comfort” that drives us to social media but the terrifying suspicion that those things can’t really be found anywhere. 

The idea that one “turns” to social media implies that we’re not always already embedded in it. Trying to opt into the instrumentalization of sociality that social media so well exemplifies seeks to preserves the illusion that there is still some “good” form of social being that can remain unsullied. We want to “use social media” (rather than take it for granted as part of social life and ordinary communication) because we want it to be responsible for the shortcomings that afflict our social relations in general. We want to contain the way we use one another to that “space,” but the containment walls never hold. The reactor has melted down.


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